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The Christmas season is upon us! For some, this means braving the malls for last minute Christmas shopping. For others, it might be planning the office Christmas party! (Shout out to the CB Social Committee for this year’s festive event).

With our party fresh on the brain, I wanted to share some helpful tips to ensure your office Christmas party goes as smoothly as Grandma’s eggnog pudding.

CB Christmas Party

1. Dress the part

Who knows what “Christmas casual” really means? At CB, it meant a mix of sequins and Christmas sweaters. At your office party, you don’t want to be the only one showing up in a floor-length ball gown and you certainly don’t want to be the one in sweatpants. Make sure you’re clear on party dress code before you arrive to avoid any embarrassing moments.

CB office christmas party

2. Make a toast, leave an impression.

Always be prepared to say a little something at your office party – whether it’s a speech to the entire staff (like our CEO and co-founder did, sharing their words of wisdom and inspiration) or small talk to your boss’ spouse. Know when to say what, and how much to say. Remember a short and sweet exchange can make a lasting impression.

CB Christmas Party

3. Hydrate (in between drinks, of course)

At our CB party, we had a festive drink prepared by the fine folks at Little Brick (made of mostly brandy – uh oh!) The good news: It was located safely next to a water station for constant hydration, and taxi chits were given out at the end of the night to ensure everyone stayed safe, and hangover free! (For the most part.) But you always hear horror stories of “that person who had a bit too much drink at the office Christmas party.” Hydrate and eat in between your Christmas party drinks so you won’t be “that person.”

CB Christmas Party

4. Recognize your colleagues and all of their greatness!

Everyone loves a pat on the back, and what better time than Christmas to spread cheer and admiration? Recognition is important at any point in one’s career so at the CB Christmas party, we decided to do this in the form of office awards. We gave away awards like ‘best dressed,’ and ‘most meticulous’ but even if your party doesn’t have formal awards, take the opportunity to let your colleagues know you appreciate them and why.

CB office christmas party

5. Mingle all the way!

Mingle with coworkers! An office Christmas party is a great place to get to know new faces in the office, gain a deeper knowledge of someone’s day-to-day, or learn about your co-workers beyond their day jobs! It’s a party and you’re not at work, so conversations shouldn’t be limited to work either. Like who knew Suzanne, our Art Director, loves Gilmore Girls, or that Monica, our Project Coordinator, used to swim competitively?

Company Christmas parties are great for culture and team building.

It’s smart to participate and contribute to the party if you can. And here’s a bonus tip – if your company is throwing a Christmas bash, don’t be a scrooge: it’s best you show up!

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