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PlentyofSyph.com has become the fastest-growing online syphilis dating site, and best of all, it's completely FREE!

Since 2000, Alberta has been experiencing a sustained outbreak of syphilis. The number of cases has dramatically increased, and over the past few years, has spread to the general population through unsafe sexual activity. Some might see this as worrisome, but we saw this as an opportunity to tap into this growing syphilis market. And with that, PlentyofSyph.com was born.

Finding that special symptom can be hard. PlentyofSyph.com makes it easy.

Since syphilis doesn't often cause any noticeable or distinguishable symptoms in its early stages, those infected may not know they've contracted the disease for an extended period of time. This also means that the infected can transmit the disease to another without knowledge that they themselves are infected. But with PlentyofSyph's in-depth personality quiz, user profiles and syphilis photo galleries, it makes finding that perfect symptom that much easier.

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