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Advertising through persuasion is over. Advertising through participation is in.

The Internet continues to outpace all media in advertising spend and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

It’s no wonder the top trends for advertising in 2017 revolve around this platform.

Digital has changed the conversation model.

The “Always On” consumer behaviour urges brands to adapt their communication model. Not to mention, our attention spans have fallen to goldfish-like levels.

So, where do I see things heading in 2017?


1. Rise of Augmented Reality

With the beyond-imaginable success of Pokémon Go!, which uses augmented reality technology in its gameplay, this latest technology is driving marketers crazy – all while still in its infancy. Snapchat’s augmented reality filters have driven a number of copycat apps (and copycat features on other social networks). We’re also seeing virtual reality gaming becoming mainstream. When it comes to AR/VR, when is the right time for marketers to strike? A recent report indicates that Canadians will spend $643 million on virtual and augmented reality in 2017.


2. Live Video Streaming

The simple, intuitive interfaces of live streaming are raising audience expectations. Facebook Live launched in 2016, Twitter better integrated its Periscope livestreaming feature, and Instagram announced live video capabilities before Christmas. Canadians now expect access to their favourite content “anytime / anywhere / on any device” live – in real-time. 

The fact that online video in general is less cluttered than traditional TV only makes investing in it more attractive.

While Canadian cord cutters are on pace to reach 200,000 this year, let’s not abandon traditional television just yet – 11 million Canadians still subscribe to traditional TV. What this does tell us is we need to look at television differently and determine where live streaming fits into our communication and advertising touch points.


3. Native Advertising

While this is not new to the digital landscape, it is certainly on an upward swing. Native advertising is a form of paid media that is usually content-based, presented in a way that doesn’t disrupt natural, user behaviour or experience. It’s predicted to see continued year-over-year growth at a faster rate of growth than display advertising (your more typical banner ads or big box ads). 

In 2017, consumers should expect to see more native advertising (and maybe not realize it – if it’s done right). 


4. Mobile

Businesses are set to spend more on mobile Internet advertising than on ads seen via desktop computers for the first time this year.

Digital continues to grow its share of consumer attention and advertiser spends.

These are just a handful of things I believe we can expect to see more money invested in this year. The advertising world is an exciting one.

Things change on, what seems like, a daily basis.

Funny enough, this is one of the things I love most about my job – always keeping me on my toes! I’m looking forward to seeing how advertising and media evolves in 2017.

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