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ACE Student Tours

It’s always refreshing to be able to speak with the industry’s future leaders: students. 

Calder Bateman took part in the annual tradition of Ad Club of Edmonton’s 2017 Student Agency Tours this week, meeting with marketing, public relations, design, and communications students. 

Staff representatives from the Creative, Public Relations, Digital, Media, and Accounts teams shared a bit of our agency history, walked them through how we work (as an integrated team, under the banner “Ask Bigger Questions“), discussed two of our recent, award-winning projects and Pride Tape, and took them on a tour of our eclectic office space. 

We also shared some advice for students looking to enter the industry.

Here’s five of those tips: 

On injecting creativity into projects: 

“It’s exciting to take a project – no matter how pedestrian it might seem – and make it interesting and exciting.”

Senior Creative Advisor Jeff McLean says the key is always trying to figure out what that insight is – what it is that strikes a cord.

On challenging yourself to be better: 

“Be aware of what’s changing in your field – especially in digital, where something’s changing every day.”

Staying on top of trends, new platforms or apps, and reading how other organizations are doing digital is going to make you better, says Digital Strategist Linda Hoang.

On audience insights: 

“Be where they are, in the right place, at the right time.”

Senior Media Strategist Nicole Vestergaard believes that in a world of attention spans less than that of a goldfish, we need to ensure we are understanding our audience. Always keep the audience in mind when developing strategies. It’s not about us, it’s not about the client, it’s about who we are trying to connect with.

On client relationships and reputation management:

“Always seek compromise with your clients, especially those that are grappling with a major challenge.” 

Senior Strategist Victor Tanti stresses the importance of compromise, but remember that your value comes in your ability to cut through the clutter and to bring a clear response to the challenge. Compromise only to the point where you believe that you are not undermining your client’s reputation or your own.

On project management: 

“You need to be comfortable working in a fast-paced, sometimes stressful, but very rewarding environment.”

Project Lead Kayla Panizzon says project coordinators are the glue that holds the rest of the team together. Managing budgets, managing timelines, managing client expectations – attention-to-detail and organizational skills are a must. 

The annual Ad Club Edmonton student agency tours are one of our favourite times of the year. If any student is interested in speaking to members of our team and learning more about how we work, email us at

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