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Calder Bateman asks bigger questions — because that’s where we find the best answers. The problems we solve for our clients aren’t simple or straightforward. They need to be looked at from every angle, through a human lens that recognizes the complex emotions and motivations of their audience.

We don’t work for ourselves – or even our clients. We work for their audiences.

Because when we focus everything we do on the audience, they let our clients into their lives. And that’s what we’re hired to do. We call it ‘audiencentric’ communication — and we’ve structured our entire company around it.

We don’t have an account team anymore. Everyone at Calder Bateman is responsible for client service. That means our clients get direct access to the strategist best suited to solve the problem at hand. We arrive at better answers together—with less hours billed to get there.

So that begs the question: when can we start working with you?