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Edmonton’s renaissance is well underway. This city is a thrilling place to be as a creative communications company. Everywhere you turn, Edmontonians are shaping, building and creating a new city right before our eyes. As a company, we have ample opportunities to be involved in this transformation through the ambitious work our clients are doing. But we seldom get an opportunity to actually shape Edmonton’s skyline ourselves.

That’s an itch we’ve wanted to scratch for a while. Inspired by events like the colourful Rust Magic street mural festival; the beautiful, stark new piece on the side of Whyte Ave’s El Cortez; and even by the debates around recent murals in our downtown, we saw an opportunity to project a message with the space on the side of our building.

“Ask Bigger Questions” is something that has defined the 25-year history of our company. It’s at the core of all the work we do. As our governing philosophy, it ensures that everything we do – every solution we create for our clients – is built on the most precise and effective insights. Asking bigger questions is what drives us, inspires us and helps us get the answers right.

Yes, it’s our brand and it’s a permanent billboard for our company – but we want it to act as a challenge to everyone who passes it. We want it to be something that urges you to think critically, dig deep and dare to reach beyond your own abilities to discover something unexpected and incredible.

Piece by piece, this city gets better every day. Keep building. And keep looking skyward.


About the author

Chris Henderson
If CB had a mascot, it should probably be Chris. It’s hard to find someone as passionate about the company, the work and the city it affects, more than Chris. He genuinely cares, which has propelled him to be a man of influence beyond his years. Chris regularly shapes the outcome of some of this city and province’s most important initiatives.

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