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Calder Bateman Curated

Each week, we curate a collection of news/articles that caught our eye and may have implications on the industries our work touches – digital/social media, marketing, PR/communications, advertising and more.

Here are just some stories that got our attention this week.

Why nothing matters more in PR than creativity
“The ever-shifting landscape has brought seismic changes to PR, and now creativity matters more than ever. And although plenty would say creativity—and a job well done—is its own reward, the industry needs more formal recognition of its strides into that realm.” Our Creative Director Nicola agrees that “the industry’s most creative outcomes spring from collaborating.”
Recommended by Nicola Pringle

The 10 most purchased brands in the world
Each year, research company Kantar Worldpanel releases its global report on the top 50 consumer goods brands based on how many households purchase said brand and how often they do so. Project Lead Wafia was intrigued to learn more about local tastes, trends, and behaviours and their influence on purchasing decisions, like how Egypt is one of the few corners of the world where Pepsi is preferred to Coca-Cola.
Recommended by Wafia Ramprashad

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace.
Digital Strategist Linda recommends you watch renowned author and expert on leadership, Simon Sinek explain why so many millennials are experiencing problems in the workplace. From addictions to the Internet and social media to entitlement to the expectation of immediate gratification, Sinek reveals these vices are actually leading to higher rates of depression and a lack of true human interaction in younger generations.
Recommended by Linda Hoang

 Also Caught Our Eye:
(Recommended by James Lo) 

  • What we will do in our cars when we no longer have to drive them. We are fast-approaching a world where cars will drive themselves. Uber, Tesla, and Google’s Waymo, amongst others, have already begun testing the capabilities (and limitations) of just what autonomous cars can do. But if we no longer have to drive our vehicles, what will we do with our time while we’re passively being driven to our destinations? The auto industry is looking to redefine our vehicles as “social environments on par with our homes and work places,” known as the “third place.”
  • Simple badges are helping social media users talk about mental illness. Almost 20% of the entire U.S. population currently experiences mental illness. Yet the stigma and intense criticism surrounding mental health has often kept those suffering in silence. Until now. A new social media campaign, #EndTheStigma, is looking to shed the stigma associated with mental health by simply starting a conversation. The campaign allows users to post a collection of online badges featuring declarative statements about mental health — allowing users to open up about living with invisible illnesses, conditions or disorders, and show others that they aren’t alone.
  • Stop saying trolling when we actually mean harassment. By definition, “trolling” refers to a deliberate form of online pranking with the aim of provoking readers into an emotional response. But just how inflammatory must trolling go before it becomes harassment or abuse? Lately, on social media, we’ve seen a number of examples of hateful torment and vitriol being mislabelled as “trolling” when it is in fact none other than online abuse. The cruelty directed at comedian Leslie Jones on Twitter or ‘pharma bro’ Martin Shkreli sending journalist Lauren Duca creepy photo collages is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online harassment today.

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