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No Homophobes

People often use homophobic language without even thinking about the impact it has on the people around them. We developed as a social mirror to get people thinking about what they say and who they’re hurting.


Thanks Alcohol

When most 18–24 year olds drink, they binge drink. It’s a social norm. So when a night out doesn’t end well, they blame the alcohol instead of themselves. We needed to change that.


YEG City Budget

Every year, Edmonton City Council creates a complex budget for how property tax dollars are spent. For decades, citizens had to rely on the media to highlight tax hikes and a few big-ticket items, without ever really connecting their taxes to their everyday lives.


Plenty of Syph

Most people thought syphilis was a thing of the past. Yet Alberta had the highest syphilis rates in Canada—mainly due to promiscuous 18-24 year olds who didn’t place much importance on safe sex.