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Pride Tape

Most LGBTQ youth still don’t feel welcome playing team sports. So how could the hockey world show their support with pride? With a simple roll of tape.


Full House Lottery

Full House Lottery competes in a cluttered landscape. But we don’t just compete. We dominate—making more profit per capita than any other hospital lottery in Canada.


Christmas Bureau

After over 70 years, the Christmas Bureau’s donor base was aging. We needed to build a younger donor base for their long-term success.


HIV Tonight

Young gay guys in Edmonton saw HIV as an old issue, yet rates were on the rise. We needed to make HIV relevant to their lives in the here and now.


No Homophobes

People often use homophobic language without even thinking about the impact it has on the people around them. We developed as a social mirror to get people thinking about what they say and who they’re hurting.


Thanks Alcohol

When most 18–24 year olds drink, they binge drink. It’s a social norm. So when a night out doesn’t end well, they blame the alcohol instead of themselves. We needed to change that.


YEG City Budget

Every year, Edmonton City Council creates a complex budget for how property tax dollars are spent. For decades, citizens had to rely on the media to highlight tax hikes and a few big-ticket items, without ever really connecting their taxes to their everyday lives.


Plenty of Syph

Most people thought syphilis was a thing of the past. Yet Alberta had the highest syphilis rates in Canada—mainly due to promiscuous 18-24 year olds who didn’t place much importance on safe sex.