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Project: Full House Lottery
Client: Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and University Hospital Foundation

With a 24-year history, Full House Lottery is Calder Bateman’s longest standing client-relationship. We created the brand from scratch and have nurtured it to bring in more profit per capita than any other hospital foundation lottery in Canada. Each year, we face the challenge to re-excite previous buyers and motivate new buyers in a cluttered lottery market.

Market research and sales analysis provide the foundation for the lottery’s achievements year after year. Calder Bateman doesn’t just market the lottery—we operate it. This requires an understanding of current market conditions, audience psychographics, pricing strategies, consumer trends, and cutting-edge marketing tactics.
Full House Covers

Audience segmentation and database marketing have been key to Full House Lottery’s success.

Our database of over 300,000 buyers is gold. We have split our audience into segments, such as Loyal, Long-term Lapsed, New Buyers and Previous Winners. This allows us to provide highly targeted and relevant direct marketing materials to previous buyers, alongside our flagship prize catalogue. Our database also forms the basis for email marketing, which generates incredible sales conversions.

Audience segmentation and database marketing have been key to Full House Lottery’s success.

The Full House Lottery advertising campaign is large and complex. Television, radio, outdoor, print and flyers are just a few of the advertising mediums employed. Digital tactics includes the website, online ads, search engine marketing and optimization, as well as a social media strategy and execution. That is all rounded out with a series of PR events that keep the buzz going over the course of a 16-week campaign.
Full House Party Kit

2016 Full House Newspaper
2014 Newspaper

Most importantly, Full House Lottery makes a difference for millions of patients in need.

When we look at all of Full House Lottery’s successes, the biggest is that the lottery has raised over $70 million for the Royal Alexandra and University Hospital Foundations. These funds have helped improve patient care and bring some of the most advanced medical technologies to Albertans—and we couldn’t be more proud to be part of it.

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