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Project: YEG City Budget
Client: City of Edmonton

People hate taxes. And in the case of property tax, their bills seemed to keep getting bigger. For decades, citizens relied on media reports about tax increases and some big ticket items their tax dollars were going towards.

We needed to help the City of Edmonton take control of how the budget was communicated—and get citizens engaged in a bigger conversation about how their tax dollars connect to their everyday lives.

To make people feel better about their taxes, we couldn’t just overload them with dry, complex information.

So we created an experience that was both engaging and enjoyable. was designed to show citizens exactly how their tax dollars are used to improve their quality of life in Edmonton. The visual approach guided users through an interactive experience where they could see snapshots of 17 spending areas, with the ability to dive deeper into any one of them.

In addition to the site, we developed and implemented a communications strategy using a variety of social media platforms to engage with citizens about the budget. This was highlighted by a facilitated Ask Me Anything on the Edmonton subreddit with the City’s CFO.

The City of Edmonton received a great deal of unsolicited praise for Most people expressed how much they appreciated the simple and effective way the site delivered such detailed information.

Over the course of the campaign we recorded:

  • Over 10,000 visits to in single month
  • 2,000 social media referrals to the website
  • 107 upvotes and 64 comments and questions during the City CFO’s Reddit Ask Me Anything
  • Extensive media coverage of the budget on television, print and radio was also recognized for communications effectiveness with an Award of Excellence at the International Association of Business Communicators’ Capital Awards.

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