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ACE Awards - Calder Bateman

It’s perhaps the most thrilling evening in our industry. And each year Calder Bateman—along with so many talented creative shops—enters its best work into the ACE Awards.

The whole process leading up to the show is a whirlwind of organizing assets, stressing over the small things, and nit picking case studies right up until submissions are due. But it also gives us a chance to reflect on our past year of work. We always wonder if we’ve done enough. We try to imagine the other work being entered and how ours will stack up against it. And mostly, we speculate if we’ll be served chicken— thank goodness the answer to that, for 38 years and counting, is a resounding and dry “yes.”

So, here’s the thing. We care deeply about ACE. It’s important to us, and vital to our community.

The ACE Awards is the one show we all attend in person. The one night where the entire ad community gathers to put our best selve­s—at least at the beginning of the night­—and best work on display.

We’re lucky to be a part of it. When you’ve been attending for a number of years, you see the same friendly faces up close and from across the room. Healthy rivalries develop as new generations of creators enter and older ones leave the scene.

But what makes ACE really important, what keeps me driven, is the inspiration we get from each other to continue to raise the bar.

The old inspire the new and the new inspire, and intimidate, the old.

ACE never fails to showcase Edmonton’s variety of talent by sharing brilliant visuals, unexpected artistry, drool-worthy typography that leads to late-night spends on personal font collections, headlines that stick for days, and big ideas that result in goose bumps and a jealous, “I wish I’d thought of that.”

This friendly competition breeds great work and a community where we can share in each other’s successes.

Without the ACE Awards, our ad community wouldn’t be half as great because it’s the community itself that inspires great work.

ACE Awards Calder Bateman

I’m incredibly proud of the Calder Bateman team. Winning Best in Show for Pride Tape—a project we all personally care about—emboldens us to continue to push ourselves further and to keep doing good where we can. I’m just as proud to be part of a community that inspires better work by continuously producing better work. Thank you to everyone at ACE for keeping this event going, and for nurturing our local ad community.

We look forward to being there again next year—with our best work to show, once again wondering, if we’ve done enough. 

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About the author

Nicola Pringle
Recognized as one of Strategy Magazine’s top 25 Art Directors in Canada, Nicola has garnered many of the industries most sought after national and international awards. Her dogged determination to find the best solution for a client's brand can be attributed to her innovative strategic thinking—or perhaps her competitive spirit honed from years of demolishing opponents on the slow-pitch field.

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